Hi!  Welcome to A Wanta Be Domestic Diva, my blog.  I am Leeanna, a stay at home Mommy of three.  I make and sell hand stamped jewelry under the name Lemon Lime Creations.  I also am addicted to Pinterest, and have a huge board entitled “Craft Things!”, which I might attempt to make in the near future.  Unfortunately, I am not the most domestic person you will every meet, thus the title to this blog.  Please don’t confuse it with the blog at www.thelemonsandthelimes.com, which is the website I sell my jewelry at.  That blog is for the business.  This blog is my personal blog.

Here is the story so far:  in September 2011, for various reasons, I resigned from a position with a home health company where I had a job that required me to wear multiple hats.  I chose, or the choice was made for me, to stay at home for a year or so, and attempt to get my business up and going.  I was making a broad range of items, many of which can be found on my Etsy store.  I have narrowed it down to hand stamped jewelry, because I love making it the best.

The cast:

Loving husband, who completely agreed with me taking a year off.  He is a retail manager with a large chain bookstore, and has decided to moonlight as a tax preparer in 2012 to see if he likes accounting.

Darling Daughter 1 who is 18 and attending college 10 hours away in lovely San Marcos.  She earned a scholarship, and has always loved the area.  Her dad (my x-husband) lives in Austin, which is an hour away, so she has family close.

Darling Daughter 2 who is 6.  She is the real reason I am no longer working, headstrong and diagnosised with high-functioning Autism.  She is in first grade.  Me being home means I can go up to the school as needed.

Sweet Baby Boy – okay, he’s 4, about to be 5 in 6 weeks.  He will start kindergarten with the next school year.  He is already reading and doing basic math, so he is more than ready.  Mommy on the other hand will be lonely when he starts.

The Etsy Store – up to now has been being used to clearance jewelry I had made that had not yet sold.  I also have my own domain name that I bought – www.thelemonsandthelimes.com.

Honestly, as I was growing up, I never cared alot about cooking, sewing, crochet, etc.  That was Mom’s thing.  But now that I am pushing 40, I am realizing I should have spent more time learning.  I was too busy learning about Spock and Captian Kirk, and A Galaxy Far, Far Away.  Yes, I am a huge sci-fi / fantasy fan.  I think these day they just label it all under “Geekery”.  And it’s cool now?  When did that happen?

Anyway, the hubby is also a sci-fi / fantasy fan.  And he likes Batman, which makes me happy.

I am going to use this to chronicle the various family chronicles, my attempts at being a Domestic Diva, my love of geekery, and the joy of going back to college this next semester.

Yes, college.  I am looking real hard at Dental Hygiene.  I have worked in the medical field for the last ten years as a CNA and a Medical Biller.  I don’t want to go back to work in those postitions again, but I do want to stay in the medical field.  The first hurdle, before I can really commit to any program, is my archnemesis, College Algebra.  I am hoping to tackle it this coming semester if I can get into it.  If not, I will take Anatomy 2.


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