Wow, the year is almost over, and…


Wow!  The year is almost over, and HURRAY!!!  The holiday season is almost over!  Not to sound bah-hum-bug, but I am ready to go back to normal.  And to start the accursed math class so I can get it over with.

College Aged Daughter is going back to her Dad’s house today to spend the rest of her holiday break there, and get ready for the next semester.  That will leave me and the two younger kids home for the next week, so I don’t anticipate getting  much done until next Thursday, beyond mailing out some sold orders tomorrow.

Went and saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows for the second time last night with the oldest child.  I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan.  I have heard alot of complaints from “purists” that this movie series doesn’t follow canon.  But these same people love BBC’s Sherlock who sing it’s praises.  Both are simply a different perspective of the same literary character.  Guess it falls into the “Can’t make everyone happy” catagory.  I personally love all the incarnations of these stories for the fact they are all different takes of the characters.  I do highly suggest that you watch this new movie twice.  I noticed lots of things the second time that I didn’t notice the first, because I was too focused on what happened next the first time.

My stamping supply place is having a sale.  I happily placed an order to get some new design stamps.  I am also clearancing out some of the non stamped jewelry on my Etsy site.  I want to downsize, and focus on the handstamped items and then getting through college.  Reallignment of priorities with the new year.


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